Issues 111-120

Issue #112 (October 2019)

 Our back-to-school newsletter for fall 2019 includes: (1) a description by Douglas Forster of a dynamic set of Media Studies courses he designed at his university that encourage students to think critically about media, ethics and society, and (2) a report by Victoria Muehleisen on how she engages her college EFL students with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our special feature this issue is Critical Thinking about Advertising Tactics. This notes the estimated 5,000 ads that our students are exposed to each day, includes a variety of classroom ideas, lists teaching resources for promoting media literacy, and provides a 2-page teaching unit to help students think critically about 10 psychological tactics used by commercial advertisers. We wrap up this issue with highlights from the spring Pan-SIG 2019 conference (Nishinomiya) and summer JACET 2019 conference (Nagoya) and a round-up of recent news in the field of global education and language teaching.

Issue #111 (July 2019)

Our summer newsletter for 2019 includes: (1) a classroom-ready lesson on climate change and youth activism designed by Breaking News English founder Sean Banville and (2) a report by Erin Frazier and Jennifer Roloff-Rothman on how they engaged college EFL students with global issues using virtual reality headsets and 360 degree video. Our two “special features” this issue are: (1) an introduction to teen activist Greta Thunberg, her Fridays for Future organization and the global “school strike for climate” movement and (2) a three-page section of ideas and resources to help teachers and students think critically about the historical accuracy of Hollywood moviesWe wrap up this edition with highlights from this spring’s IATEFL conference in Liverpool, a set of classroom ideas and teaching resources for this fall’s Rugby World Cup in Japan and a round-up of recent news in the field of global education and language teaching. Have a great summer holiday!