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Since its establishment in 1990, the Global Issues in Language Education Special Interest Group (GILE SIG) of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) has produced a number of special magazine issues of JALT's monthly publication The Language Teacher. Some of the past issues are not available online. At least a few were online but are now only available via the Internet Archive. Please see below:

Issue: The Language Teacher Vol. XIV No. 5

Title: Global Issues in Language Education
Date: May 1990

Guest Editors: Kevin Mark & Kip Cates


  • Global Issues in Language Education - Kip Cates and Kevin Marks
  • Teaching for a Better World - Kip Cates
  • A Language Teacher's Bibliography and Resource Guide for Global Education - Kip Cates
  • A language Teaching Model for the 21st Century - Kevin Mark
  • As the World Turns Global - Sherry Jo Reniker<
  • Global Activities in the Language Classroom
  • Foreign Languages and the Global Citizen - Hugh Starkey
  • Global Awareness Education and Language Acquisition (in Japanese) - Asako Takaesu
  • Global Awareness Quiz - Farrell Cleary
  • Overcoming Teacher Bias in the Language Classroom - Michael Higgins
  • Social consciousness - Colleen Jaques & Tommy Jaques
  • Education and Action Beyond the Classroom - Julian Bamford

Issue: The Language Teacher Vol. XVII No. 5

Title: Global Education

Date: May 1993

Guest Editor: Kip Cates



  • Linguapax, Language Teaching and Global Education - Kip A. Cates
  • Overseas Tours to Research Social Issues - Don Hinkelman
  • Teaching Global Issues to Children - Mineko Yoshimura
  • An Annotated Bibliography of Global Education Resource Books - Kip A. Cates
  • Conflict Resolution in the Communicative Classroom - Trevor Sargent
  • Global Issues in a Content-Based Curriculum - Tamara Swenson & Bill Cline
  • Report on a One-Semester Global Education Program (in Japanese) - Kiyoko Sueda & Nobuko Sakamaki
  • Some Thoughts about Global Content - Kevin Mark
  • The Model United Nations: A Language Learning Simulation for Global Awareness - John Henry

Issue: The Language Teacher Vol. 20 No. 11

Title: Global Issues in Foreign Language Teaching

Date: November 1996

Issue: The Language Teacher Vol. 20 No. 11

Guest Editor: David Peaty



  • An Interview with Johan Galtung - Donna McInnis
  • World Issues or a Global Perspective? - Brenda Dyer & Brenda Bushell
  • Global Issues in the University ESL Classroom - Gregory Anderson
  • An AIDS Project - Susan Miller
  • NGO Contributions to Language Teaching (in Japanese) - Chisa Uetsuki
  • A Database for Global Issues Teachers - Bill Casey
  • Teacher and Learner Development: A Curriculum of Change - Cheiron McMahill & Andrew Barfield
  • Integrating Global Issues into High School EFL - Amy Yamashiro
  • World Music Quiz - Jessica Newby Kawata & Rachael Harris
  • Global Awareness Games in the Language Classroom - Armene Modi
  • Book Reviews: (a) Earth Watch, (b) Language and Peace

Issue: The Language Teacher Vol. 23 No. 2

Title: Teaching World Citizenship in the Language Classroom

Date: February 1999

Guest Editor: Michael Higgins



  • A Ghandian Perspective on Peace Education: An Interview with Rajmohan Gandhi - Armene Modi
  • Teaching English for World Citizenship: Key Content Areas - Kip A. Cates
  • Empowering ESL Students for World Citizenship - Marilyn Higgins & Brid MacConville Tanaka
  • Teaching Resources for World Citizenship - Kip Cates, Marilyn Higgins, & Brid MacConville Tanaka
  • So, What's World Citizenship? - Jeris E. Strain
  • Communicating Classrooms: English Language Teaching and World Citizenship - Don Harrison
  • English Communication for International Understanding: Methods for Implementation (in Japanese) - Akagi Yayoi & Shima Yukiko
  • Using Rainbow War to Raise Global Awareness - Ken Fujioka
  • An Intercultural Communication Simulation - Asako Kajiura & Greg Goodmacher
  • Studying the Rights of Non-Human Citizens of Earth - Greg Goodmacher
  • A Thematic AIDS Week at a Small School - James R. Welker & Stacia Houston

Issue: The Language Teacher Vol. 27 No. 3

Title: Global Issues

Date: March 2003

Guest Editor: David Peaty



  • Peace Studies in EFL: World War II Revisited - Barbara Leigh Cooney
  • The Potential of Language Education: A Global Issues Perspective - John Small
  • Socially Responsible Language Teaching Using Literature - Irma-Kaarina Ghosn
  • Modeling Global Citizenship Outside the Language Classroom - Linda C. Rowe
  • The Global and Local Issue of AIDS - Loise Haynes
  • Websites for Global Education - David Peaty
  • Click and Give! Charity Internet Sites - Chris Summerville