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April 2009 - Issue No. #71
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Our spring 2009 newsletter comes out in the middle of the global swine flu scare. Feel free to put on a mask and wash your hands before reading this! Our key theme this issue is “Language Teaching, Nationalism and Patriotism”. This features an article on patriotism and education by John Spiri, teaching activities about nationalism by Albie Sharpe as well as quotes, quizzes and comments. Also included are an article on service learning in Hawaii by Alice Lachman, global issue presentations at the TESOL 2009 conference in Denver, two new book series aimed at promoting international understanding plus a rich variety of global education news, events and information from Japan and around the world.

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Contents #71

  • Abstracts of articles on global themes from language teaching journals

  • News from JALT and other language teaching organizations

  • Conference Report: Global Issues at TESOL 2009 (Denver, Colorado)

  • Special Feature: Teaching about Nationalism and Patriotism

  • Examining Patriotism and Education by John Spiri

  • The Patriot’s Pitchfork: Misadventures with Nationalism by Albie Sharpe

  • NICE Service Learning: English in the Community by Alice W. Lachman

  • Language textbooks on global education themes

  • Book Profiles: (1) Global Village, (2) Global Connections (World Teens)


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