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December 2008 - Issue No. #70

Here, finally, is our GILE newsletter for winter 2008. Apologies for the delay getting this out! Due to a heavy workload (organizing the 6th Asian Youth Forum), I had to skip our fall issue. Rest assured that everyone will get an extra issue to make up for this. Our main articles here deal with (1) a college EFL course designed on global education principles, (2) an international photo album exchange, and (3) on-line videos for teaching social issues. We also feature a list of global issue calendars, teachable moments for 2009, a report on the fall JALT 2008 conference plus lots of global education news, events and information.

ANNOUNCEMENT: After 19 years as a paper newsletter, we plan to offer the option of electronic subscriptions by e-mail. See page 2 for details. Let us know your preference!

Contents #70

  • Abstracts of articles on global themes from language teaching journals

  • News from JALT and other language teaching organizations

  • Conference Report: Global Issues Sessions at JALT 2008 (Tokyo)

  • Designing a College Global Studies EFL Course by J. Paul Marlowe

  • Bring the World to Class with Photo Exchanges by Kathleen Geraghty

  • On-line Videos for Teaching Social Issues by Chris Summerville

  • Who’s Doing What? (with In Memoriam tribute to Darlene Larson)

  • Special Feature: Teachable Moments for the Year 2009

  • Book Profiles: Resource Books on Language, Peace and Global Issues

  • Global issue calendars and datebooks for the year 2009


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