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September 2008 - Issue No. #69

Our 2008 summer newsletter comes out as teachers in Japan wrap up their spring semester grading and brace themselves for a hot and humid August. Our main articles this edition comprise (1) a description of a high school EFL global issues program which focuses on extensive reading, paragraph writing and micro-credit lending; (2) a report on an innovative English course entitled “The World in My Neighborhood” designed on multicultural education principles; and (3) a language teacher’s introduction to the issue of human trafficking. Also included are ideas and resources for teaching about the Olympic Games, a report on global issue sessions at the spring TESOL 2008 conference in New York, and lots of global education news, events and information. Have a great summer!

Contents #69

  • Abstracts of articles on global themes from language teaching journals

  • News from JALT and other language teaching organizations

  • Conference Report: Global Issues at TESOL 2008 (New York, USA)

  • Teaching English through Global Issues Content by Mark Hunter

  • The World in My Neighborhood Project (WIMN) by Jon Dujmovich

  • Teaching about Human Trafficking by Patricia Aliperti

  • Special Feature: Teaching about the Olympics

  • News and information from the field of global education

  • Book Profiles: Resource Books for Teaching about the Olympic Games


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