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July 2007 - Issue No. #65

Welcome to our 2007 summer newsletter! Our main articles focus on (1) a global issues ESL course in Hawaii that engaged students in taking action in their everyday lives, and (2) a survey of textbook characters in school English texts in Japan with an analysis of how these have changed over the 60 years since World War II. The year 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the deaths of Mother Teresa (Nobel Peace Prize winner) and Princess Diana (activist for AIDS and landmines). It also marks the 200th anniversary of the 1807 British abolition of the slave trade, an event being commemorated around the world. In this issue, we present a special section on “Teaching about Slavery” with ideas and resources to help you teach about this in your classroom. Also included is a report on the spring TESOL 2007 conference plus lots of global education news and information. Have a great summer!

Contents #65

  • Abstracts of articles on global themes from language teaching journals

  • News from JALT and other language teaching organizations

  • Conference Report: Global Issues at TESOL 2007 (Seattle, USA)

  • Character Identities in Post-War EFL Textbooks by Naoko Harada

  • Global Issues, Everyday Actions by David Royal

  • Special feature: Teaching about Slavery

  • Language textbooks on global education themes

  • Book Profiles: Books about Slavery and the Slave Trade


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