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Summer 2004 - Issue No. #54


In this issue, we present a variety of recent resource books on the Olympics that can help language teachers design classroom activities and materials that promote Olympic ideals.

The Encyclopedia of the Summer Olympics

by D. Fischer (2003)

Watts / Scholastic ISBN 0-531-16392-X $20

This colorful Olympic guide consists of three sections. Part 1 looks at the history of the Olympics from 776 BC to the present. Part 2 profiles 27 events, from archery and judo to track and volleyball, giving the history, rules and achievements for each. Part 3 profiles 20 famous athletes such as Mark Spitz Nadia Comaneci, Kip Keino and Jesse Owens.

Inside the Olympics - The Politics, Scandals, Glory of the Games -

by D. Pound (2004)

John Wiley ISBN 0-470-83454-4 $25

This book, by a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), gives an inside look at Olympic issues (how they decide host cities, corporate sponsorship, TV rights), at Olympic scandals (greed, corruption, cheating, doping, exploitation), and at Olympic history and Olympic ideals of peace, fair play and international understanding.

Summer Olympics - The Definitive Guide -

by C. Gifford (2004)

Kingfisher Publishing 0-7534-5693-1 US $13

This beautifully illustrated book is a good introduction to the Summer Olympics. Digital graphics and action photos profile each Olympic sport while special spreads celebrate great Olympics of the past. Topics covered include the ancient Greek games, great Olympic heroes, strange-but-true stories and memorable Olympic moments.

The Olympic Odyssey - Rekindling the True Spirit of the Games -

by P. Cousineau (2003) ISBN 0-8356-0833-6 US $18

This inspiring book takes readers on a journey back to the Ancient Olympics and their ideals of strength, beauty and grace, then looks at examples from modern athletes and coaches of the true Olympic spirit in action. Filled with inspiring stories of sportsmanship, dedication, passion and of what it means to go for the "inner gold"

Swifter, Higher, Stronger - A Photo History of the Summer Olympics -

by S. Macy

National Geographic 0-7922-6667-6 $19

This illustrated book provides a visual guide to the history, drama and action of the Summer Olympics Individual chapters focus on the birth of the modern games, women in the Olympics, great Olympic athletes as well as Olympic controversies. Striking photos capture the determination, grace and pressure as well as personal triumphs, national pride and international hope of the Olympic Games.

The Complete Book of the Summer Olympics (Athens 2004 Edition)

by D. Wallechinsky (2004)

Sport Classic ISBN 1-894963-32-6 US $25

This hefty 1000-page paper- back book, known as the "Olympic Bible" for sports fans, is a comprehensive guide to the history, issues, people and achievements of every Olympic Games from 1896 to 2004. In addition to detailed Olympic records for each sports event, it provides fascinating stories of every single Olympic hero, villain, scandal, incident, controversy and drama.


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