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Summer 2004 - Issue No. #54

Our summer newsletter deals with two August topics. For Japan, August includes 3 key dates linked with World War II - Aug. 6 (Hiroshima Day), Aug. 9 (Nagasaki Day) and Aug. 15 (end of the war). To mark this, we include an article describing peace education activities done with Japanese students in Nagasaki. The other big event is the Olympic Games and this newsletter should arrive on your doorstep in the middle of these. Our last newsletter (#53) ran a set of teaching activities to prepare for this. In this issue, we present an "Olympic Worksheet" to help your students view the games from a global perspective. Also in this issue are reports on the PAC 5 conference in Russia and the 4th Asian Youth Forum (AYF). Check out our previews of the Peace as a Global Language conference (Kyoto) and International Cooperation Festival (Tokyo) and attend these, if possible!

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