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February 2004 - Issue No. #52

Our first newsletter of 2004 covers a variety of global issue topics. Our main article this issue is a description of a Model United Nations (MUN) attended by EFL students in the Middle East. This issue also includes a unique "global education checklist" designed to measure students' learning and to help teachers add a global dimension to their curricula. Our featured topic is a special section on teaching about "International Women's Day" timed to coincide with the annual celebrations for this event on March 8. This includes ideas for classroom activities, a Women's Issues quiz and a list of resources (books, posters, websites) to help you teach your students about the on-going struggle for women's rights and gender equality. Also included are a report on JALT's 2003 language teaching conference last fall and a profile of a new series of visual data books on global issue topics.

Contents #52

  • Announcements of global education spring events

  • Abstracts of global education articles from language teaching journals

  • News from JALT and other language teaching organizations

  • Conference Report: Global Issues at JALT 2003 (Shizuoka, Japan)

  • EFL Students at a Model United Nations by Esther Lucas

  • A Global Education Checklist for Student Learning by Fred Czarra

  • Special feature: Teaching about International Women's Day

  • News and information / Who's Doing What?

  • Language teaching textbooks on global themes

  • Book Profiles: Visual Data Atlas Series on Global Issues


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