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Summer 2003 - Issue No. #50

This summer 2003 newsletter marks the 50th issue of the Global Issues in Language Education Newsletter. By chance, it also marks the 50th birthday of its editor! Our first newsletter, Issue #1, was printed way back in 1990 when the concepts of global education and teaching global issues were quite new in the language teaching profession. Now, with more than a decade of work behind us, an increasing number of language teachers around the world are involved in helping their students become both fluent language learners and active global citizens. As JALT Global Issues SIG Chair and GILE Newsletter editor, I'm proud of the work our group has done and of the contribution this newsletter has made. With this 50th anniversary issue, I'd like to thank all those who have supported the GILE Newsletter over the past 13 years and look forward to working with you all on the next 50 issues as we and our students continue to work towards a world free of war, poverty, prejudice and pollution, and a world of tolerance, peace and international understanding

Contents #50

  • News from JALT and other language teaching organizations

  • Conference Report: TESOL 2003 (March 24 - 29 in Baltimore, USA)

  • Conference Announcement: Peace as a Global Language (PGL II ^ Sept. 2003)

  • The Peace Project: Overcoming Intolerance by Stephaney Jones-Vo

  • Global Unity through Proverbs, Metaphors and Storytelling by Vivian Chu

  • Who's Doing What? / News and Information

  • Language teaching textbooks dealing with global issue topics

  • Book Profiles: Key Resource Books on Global Topics


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