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Summer 2002 - Issue No. #47

This summer newsletter goes to press on the one-year anniversary of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks in the US, a perfect chance for us to think carefully about our duty as global educators to teach for peace and justice. Our featured topic this issue is "teaching against prejudice" with a story about human rights from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and tips on teaching about discrimination in English discussion classes in Japan. Our main article is on NILE (Newspapers In Language Education) on how studying current events through newspapers can promote student reading skills and global awareness. Also included are a class activity about charity Internet websites, a report on the IATEFL 2002 conference in England and a list of reference books on global themes.

Contents #47

  • Abstracts of global education articles from language teaching journals

  • News from JALT and other language teaching organizations

  • Conference Report: IATEFL 2002 (York, UK) by Esther Lucas

  • Click and Give! A Charity Website Class Activity by Chris Summerville

  • Sun Children, Winter Children (a story on prejudice) by Anne Frank House

  • Newspapers in Language Education (NILE) by Takashi Yoshida

  • Tips on Teaching about Discrimination in Japan by Dave Aldwinckle

  • Who's Doing What? / If the World Were a Village of 100 People

  • News and Information

  • Language teaching textbooks dealing with global issues

  • Book Profiles: Global Education Reference Books


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