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Fall 2001 - Issue No. #44

All of us were shocked by the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US. Both my sisters had close calls. One works in Manhattan and, by chance, was away from her World Trade Center office when the planes crashed. The other took one of the flights hijacked by the terrorists (American Airlines, Boston to LA) but, by chance, took it the night before. Now language teachers and students round the world are viewing with alarm the current anthrax scare and the "war" on the Taliban. This fall newsletter includes articles by language teachers about September 11th and the bombing of Afghanistan, a list of resources for teaching about terrorism and a preview of global issue presentations at the JALT-PAC3 conference. Also included are a Vietnam charity trip, a Lebanese peace education institute, educating for citizenship, books on youth activism and a list of global calendars for 2002.

Contents #44

  • Abstracts of global education articles from language teaching journals

  • Conference Report: IIPE 2001 (Aug. 6-13 in Lebanon) by Fran Turner

  • A Heart-Centered Journey to Vietnam by Junaline Banez

  • The Third Way (War in Afghanistan) by John Small

  • Teaching About Terrorism: Some Useful Resources

  • Conference Preview: Global Issues at PAC3-JALT 2001 (Nov. 23-25)

  • Making a Difference - The September 11 Terrorist Attacks by Ben Ward

  • NCSS Position Statement: Creating Effective Citizens

  • Global calendars and datebooks for the year 2002

  • Book Profiles: Youth, Volunteering and Community Activism


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