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January 2001 - Issue No. #41 (p.14-15)



  • Religions of the World:
    • Minnesota State University e-Museum website

  • World Religions:
    • A good introductory site which provides basic information about a variety of world religions.

  • World Religions Resources:
    • The selected websites have been awarded the ARIL Hot Site designation as offering among the best resources concerning world religion on the Internet.

  • Religious Tolerance:
    • An excellent site for learning about the world's religions and for promoting religious tolerance.

  • Statistics on World Religions:
    • Click here to answer questions like "How many Jews live in Florida?" "What are the major religions of Spain?" or "What percent of the world is Muslim?"

  • Council for Parliament of World Religions:
    • Introduces the international organization CPWR and its work to build bridges between world religions.

  • The Religious Freedom Page:
    • A web site dedicated to the theory, practice, history and struggle to guarantee religious freedom.

  • World Religions Index for Christians:
    • Descriptions of major world religions written to equip Christians to understand other world faiths.

  • World Religions Mini-Profiles:
    • Short bite-size teachable descriptions of major world religions put together by an Eastern religious group.


    Lawrence, B. (1999) Complete Idiot's Guide to Religion Online. ISBN: 0789722097 $16.95

    • A comprehensive guide to Internet websites related to religious beliefs, leaders, customs & world religions.


Items marked * can be ordered from Social Studies School Service

  • Arquilevich, G. (1995) Interdisciplinary Unit: World Religions.
    Teacher Created Materials, PO Box 1040, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA

    • This practical teacher's handbook, a complete course on world religions, introduces the history, founders, writings, beliefs and symbols of each faith, and features 276 photocopiable handouts, maps, writing prompts, exercises and final exam (with answer key).

  • Bowker, J. (1997) World Religions: The Great Faiths Explored and Explained.
    US: Dorling Kindersley. ISBN: 0-789-41439-2 $35

    • This beautifully illustrated "coffee table" book - featuring religious photos, paintings, maps, artifacts and icons - gives a comprehensive overview of religion, religious leaders and the world's key faiths.

  • Burns, S. (1995) Values and Visions.
    London, UK: Hodder & Stoughton. ISBN: 0-340-64412-5

    • This UK activity book, subtitled A Handbook for Spiritual Development and Global Awareness, lists 100 classroom activities on topics such as suffering, joy, purpose and action aimed at helping children and youth value themselves, others and the Earth.

  • Erricker, C. (1993) Teaching World Religions.
    London: Heinemann. ISBN: 0-435-30330-9

    • This comprehensive UK handbook explains the rationale for teaching world religions, teaching techniques for different levels (elementary/secondary), and advice from experts on how to teach specific religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism...)

  • McLean, P. (1989) Great World Religions.
    Tokyo: Macmillan. ISBN: 4-89585-059-5 1340yen

    • This EFL reader, with vocabulary notes in Japanese, gives an overview of the history of religion and introduces Japanese students to key world religions.

  • Meredith, S. (1995) Usborne Book of World Religions.
    UK. ISBN 0-7460-1750-2 $10 (pg 23)

    • This informative reference book, illustrated with maps, photos and drawings, describes the beliefs, history and customs of 6 world religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam & Sikhism.

  • Oshima, H. (1999) Shukyo no Shikumi Jiten.
    Tokyo. ISBN: 4-534-02909-8 1600yen

    • An excellent Japanese reference book (written in Japanese) with comprehensive information about the world's major religions as well as sections on new religions in Japan and religion in everyday life.

  • Religions of the World . (UK: Simon & Schuster)
    Brown, A. (1992) The Christian World.
    Bahree, P. (1992) The Hindu World.
    Charing, D. (1992) The Jewish World
    Bancroft. A. (1992) The Buddhist World.

    • This beautifully illustrated series for young people features individual books on major world religions.

  • White, G. (1997) Believers and Beliefs.
    New York: Berkley Books. ISBN: 0-425-16002-5 $12

    • This comprehensive guide gives detailed profiles of the history, beliefs, customs, holidays and taboos of 12 world religions and 13 different Christian sects.


  • The World Calendar.
    (Educational Extensions) $13

    • This unique calendar lists key Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Hindu and Buddhist holidays and other religious festivals throughout the year.

  • World Religions.
    (Perfection Learning) $24

    • This poster set profiles six world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism), their history, founders and followers.

  • Map/Timeline World Religions.
    (Poster Ed.) $10

    • This poster profiles five world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism) with a world map showing where each is practised.


  • Faith and Belief: Five Major World Religions.
    USA: Knowledge Unlimited. $90

    • This 20-minute video introduces students to the origins and beliefs of 5 world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism) through live-action footage, maps and great works of art.


  • World Religions CD Rom
    (USA:Clearview. $80)

    • This CD Rom (Mac/Windows) explores the history, beliefs and practices of 4 world religions (Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam), their different sects and the impact each religion has on current world events.

  • Religions of the World
    (USA: Mentorom. $20)

    • This CD Rom (Windows only) provides photos, audio, video, graphics and text on 8 major world religions (Buddhism, Shinto, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Confucianism).

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