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January 2001 - Issue No. #41

Due to time pressures, other commitments and a large winter workload, our December newsletter has become a January newsletter issued in February. Apologies from the editor for the delay! Instead of being our last newsletter of the year 2000 as planned, this is now our first newsletter of the year 2001. To kick off the 21st century, this issue features a special section on teaching about world religions, an article on nuclear weapons and how language teachers can work for a nuclear-free world, and a report of a Japanese teacher's trip to bring school supplies to a school in Cambodia. Also included are a report on JALT's Global Issues Special Interest Group (GILE SIG), overviews of JALT global issues mini-conferences held in 2000, and a list of global calendars for the year 2001. Best wishes for a great spring semester and a dynamic start to your global teaching in the new millennium!

Contents #41


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