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September 2000 - Issue No. #40

Tottori recently had a major earthquake, but luckily there was no damage here at my university. Thanks to all those who got in touch to see if I was still alive! Our fall 2000 newsletter features a college ESL course designed around the study of Anne Frank, an article from Korea on foreign language teachers and interracial marriage, and a section on critical thinking about which country really "won" the recent Olympic Games in Sydney. Also included is a report on this summer's FIPLV 2000 conference in Paris, global issue sessions at LIOJ's Summer Workshop, a list of global education reference books and a preview of global issue presentations at the upcoming JALT 2000 international conference in Shizuoka Nov. 3-5 - please come and attend! Good luck with your fall teaching!

Contents #40

  • News from JALT and other language teaching organizations

  • Abstracts of global education articles from language teaching journals

  • Conference Report: FIPLV 2000 (July 22 - 26 in Paris, France)

  • Inter-Racial Marriage in Korea by Patrick Guilfoyle

  • Preview: Global Issues at JALT 2000 (Nov. 3-5 in Shizuoka, Japan)

  • Teaching Anne Frank in the ESL Classroom by Carl Rosser

  • Special Feature: The Olympic Games - Who Won?

  • News and Information / Who's Doing What?

  • New language teaching textbooks dealing with global issue topics

  • Book Profiles: Reference Books for Global Teachers

  • Global education materials and global education resource organizations


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