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December 1998 - Issue No. #33 (p.5)


This past year has been a busy one for our JALT Global Issues Special Interest Group (SIG).
During 1998, our SIG:
  • invited Australian peace education expert Lynda-Ann Blanchard of the University of Sydney, Australia to promote peace education in Japan

  • prepared a February 1999 special issue of JALT's magazine The Language Teacher on "World Citizenship" (thanks to guest editor Michael Higgins and contributors)

  • published a global issues English text "You, Me and the World" with lessons on peace, human rights, refugees, and the UN (thanks to David Peaty)

  • worked on expanding our Global Issues SIG Home Page on the World Wide Web (thanks to our Webmaster Brian Teaman)

  • organized a dynamic series of presentations at JALT'98 in Omiya: an SIG forum on Minorities in Japan: Raising Awareness through EFL (featuring John Maher, Dorothy Dufour, Sin-young Ra, Kazuyo Yamane and moderator Ted Kitchen) an SIG colloquium on Global Education and Language Teacher Training (featuring Jim Kahny, Daniel Kirk and Lynda-Ann Blanchard) an SIG workshop on Teaching Gender Issues in the EFL Classroom (by Denise Drake) an ambitious Global Issues display (thanks to Arlene Alexandrovich)

In addition to these events, our SIG also:
  • issued 4 newsletters full of global education articles, ideas and information (thanks to all those who contributed)

  • maintained a healthy membership (thanks to Membership Chair Daniel Walsh)

  • maintained a healthy financial situation (thanks to Treasurer Ted Kitchen)

  • worked to promote global education throughout Japan (thanks to our regional officers Dan Kirk, Bill Casey, Daniel Walsh, Michael Higgins, Don Hinkelman)

Thanks to all for your help in 1998.


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