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Autumn 1998 - Issue No. #32 (p.21)


Here we list new books out on global issues, global education and language teaching.

Greening the ESL Classroom

by G. Jacobs, P. Kumarasamy, P. Nopparat & S. Amy (1998)

Toronto: Pippin Publishing [ISBN 0-88751-092-2]

This new teacher's handbook shows a variety of ways to integrate language teaching and environmental awareness. Part I outlines current trends in EFL and environmental education, and common questions on teaching environmental themes in language classes. Part II features 15 lessons on themes such as energy audits, green consumerism, eco-journals, doing environmental surveys, analyzing environmental data, discussing environmental controversies and recycling.

Teaching and Learning in the Multi-Ethnic Classroom

by Mary Meyers (1993)

Addison-Wesley: Reading, MA, USA US$25.96 [ISBN: 0-201-55547-6]

This teacher's handbook covers topics such as immigrant children and language acquisition, integrated language learning, student publishing, and cooperative learning. Chapter 10 Education for a Global Perspective outlines the fields of multicultural and anti-racist education, presents ideas for empowering children, explains how children are enriched by contact with other cultures, and urges teachers to expand students' horizons through global topics.

An International Perspective on Education

by John Cogan & Ray Derricott (1998)

London: Kogan Page US$59.95; [ISBN: 0-7494-2512-1]

This book looks at the challenges of the 21st century, lists the knowledge and skills world citizens need to cope with these, and profiles citizenship education in 9 countries: Canada, England, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Japan, Thailand and the USA. The authors present a multidimensional approach to citizenship and list key characteristics of a world citizen: a global perspective, conflict resolution skills, social responsibility, critical thinking, tolerance, action for a better world.

A CALL FOR PEACE: A CALL FOR PEACE: The Implications of Japan's War-Renouncing Constitution

by Charles Overby - Transl. Kunihiro Masao (1997)

Tokyo: Kodansha International 2000 yen; [ISBN: 4-7700-2062-7]

This bilingual book, written in English and Japanese, urges that Article 9 of Japan's constitution, which says "the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes", should be adopted by all nations of the world. The author explores the implications of Japan's peace constitution and calls for Japan to take pride in, maintain and promote its status as a "conscientious objector" nation.

CAUSE TO COMMUNICATE: Global Issues in Language Learning

Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International, Thomas Clarkson House, The Stableyard, Bromgrove Road, London SW9 9TL UK Fax: +44 171-738-4110 UK 10.99 pounds + 3 pounds postage

This new English textbook on human rights themes, published by the British NGO Anti-Slavery International, gives teachers the opportunity to bring human rights issues into the classroom through themes such as slavery, indigenous peoples, child labour, ethical labelling of products and human rights campaigners in different countries. Activities focus on listening and integrated skills. All the original source material is photocopiable, with user-friendly teaching guidelines.

PEACE STUDIES: Global DIrectory of Peace Studies Programs

Consortium on Peace Research Education and Development

COPRED, George Mason University, 4260 Chain Bridge Rd. Fairfax, VA 22030
USA Fax: 703-993-3070 ($25)

This 150-page directory, published by COPRED (Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development), lists 345 college and university graduate and under-graduate peace studies programs in 32 countries around the world. Each entry gives the name of the university, a program description and a contact address. COPRED issues a newsletter, journal and publications on peace and conflict resolution. Membership is US $55/year.


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