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December 1996 - Issue No. #25 (p.21)

English Language Textbooks Dealing with Global Issues

Publishers are invited to send in sample copies of new books relating to global issues.
Readers interested in writing book reviews should contact the editor.

Hot Issues

by M. Girotti, C. Renner, C. Riguzzi, S. Selleri (1996)

Loescher Editore, ATT: Rivelli, Via Vittorio Amedeo II, #18, Torino I-10121, ITALY.
ISBN: 88-201-0453-9

This illustrated 150-page book is a speaking/listening/critical thinking text for upper intermediate to advanced English learners completely designed around peace education and global issue themes. Its nine units deal with: (1) human rights (the Universal Declaration, Amnesty International), (2) the global economy (GNP vs human development), (3) neo-colonialism (views from the South, fair trade), (4) immigrants and refugees, (5) racism, prejudice and discrimination (ethnocentrism self-test, skinheads, scapegoating), (6) war and violence (children & war, the Red Cross, the Seville Statement on Violence), (7) media and communication (censorship, television & violence, cultural imperialism), (8) bioethics and biotechnology (right to die, surrogate mothers, cloning), and (9) AIDS (myths about AIDS, HIV infection). Each chapter includes brainstorming activities, readings, listening tasks and discussion/writing assignments. Cassette and teacher's guide sold separately.

Environment Today

by Trisha Greenhalgh (1995)

Eichosha-Longman Ltd., Kusaka Bldg., 2-28 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101.
ISBN: 03-3263-6174

This 110-page university-level English text aims to introduce current environmental issues to general students of English as well as to those in academic fields in the sciences and social sciences. Its 20 chapters deal with: environmental damage through history, population, rainforests, biodiversity, air pollution, water, soil, food and famine, fossil fuels, nuclear waste and alternative energy, urbanization, traffic, poverty, cruelty to animals and sustainable development. Each chapter includes a pre-reading activity, a 3-4 page illustrated reading passage, a post-reading summarizing activity (sentence completion, gap-filling, sentence ordering) and other activities (vocabulary exercises, comprehension questions, discussion work). The book comes with a separate booklet of Japanese vocabulary notes.

The Road to Healthy Living

by Sharon L. Cavusgil (1992)

University of Michigan Press, 4-10-2 TIK Bldg. 3F, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 102.
ISBN: 0-472-08294-9

This 125-page high-beginner/low-intermediate 4-skills English text, part of the University of Michigan's content-based Alliance ESL/EFL series, aims to help students improve their English skills as they learn how to maintain good physical and mental health. The book's 8 chapters cover: the human body, health problems and their symptoms, home remedies, the doctor's office, medications, basic nutrition, physical fitness and managing stress. Each chapter comprises an introduction, vocabulary development, grammar exercises, and picture or reading-based language activities. Topics include how to describe illnesses, read medicine labels, and schedule doctor's appointments

Denk An Die Umwelt [Think about the Environment]

by H. Troll & K. Ogushi (1997)

Ikubundo Press, Hongo 5-30-21, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
ISBN 4-89585-196-6

This 60-page intermediate textbook aims to develop German reading skills while stimulating awareness of and interest in global environmental issues. The book's 11 chapters include human needs, water, deforestation, air pollution, ozone depletion, energy, recycling and health. Each chapter contains a 2-page reading passage, Japanese vocabulary, pictures and charts, comprehension questions plus discussion/composition topics. A cassette is available.

What Do You Think? (Book 1)

by LIS Korea (1996)

LIS Korea, Samu Bldg 5F., 1690-3 Seocho 4-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, KOREA.
ISBN 89-86297-08-6

This 120-page Korean EFL reading and discussion text, the first book in a 2 volume set, is sub-titled "30 Controversial Issues Today for Post-Advanced Classes". The book's 30 chapters deal with a variety of personal and social issues including medical patients' right to know, surrogate motherhood, rape, euthanasia, suicide, women in combat, gun control, environmental destruction and drunk driving. Each 2-3 page chapter includes a short reading passage, comprehension questions, discussion questions and sample opinions on the issue.


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