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March 1996 - Issue No. #22 (p. 19)

Guidelines for Environmental Awareness

by Kevin Staff

As an association of language teachers in the profession of language education, JALT recognizes the power of its members to influence the world view and actions of their students, young people and members of society. JALT will strive in its activities to give consideration to resource conservation and environmental protection, and encourages its members to adopt behaviors that promote these values in their workplaces and professional activities.

Actions the JALT Organization Can Take

  1. Provide and publicize channels for members to limit their receipt of unwanted or redundant mailings from advertisers.

  2. Encourage the use of biodegradable, durable promotional materials at JALT events, particularly conference bags that can later be used in place of shopping bags by members in their daily lives.

  3. Encourage members to bring reusable utensils to JALT functions, in place of paper, wood and plastic disposables.

  4. Make use of double-sided copying and size reduction when preparing handouts for presentations, and discourage excessive photocopying.

  5. Appoint an officer to be responsible for coordinating environmentally considerate activities at JALT's conferences and miniconferences.

Suggestions for Members in Their Workplaces

  1. Separate copy machine paper from other trash, use both sides of the paper when possible, and recycle when no longer usable.

  2. Maintain sets of photocopied materials for classroom use and collection back, rather than hand out large number of copies that students will never use again.

  3. Respect copyright law. Maintain classroom sets of books, rather than copying individual pages continuously.
  4. Use blackboard notes in place of photocopies, thus promoting the art of effective note-taking while saving paper.

  5. Make an active effort to coordinate with other teachers and promote the use or re-use of stocks of "obsolete" texts and materials. Promote book donations projects by JALT and other organizations.


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