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March 1996 - Issue No. #22 (p. 22)

English Language Textbooks Dealing with Global Issues

Publishers are invited to send in sample copies of new books relating to global issues.
Readers interested in writing book reviews should contact the editor.

Going International

by Toru Nishimoto (1995)

Sanshusha Ltd., Tokyo

This Japanese college EFL text aims to develop students' listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through the study of modern world problems and social issues. The book's 10 chapters cover topics such as English as an international language, culture shock, international migration, how to combat racism, poverty in the Third World, cultural imperialism & indigenous peoples, the cultural roots of environmental problems, and the ideal education system. Each chapter features pre-reading questions in Japanese, a two page reading text, vocabulary notes, comprehension questions, listening to different opinions, a picture story, dialog making, a role play, and a discussion. A cassette is available separately.

Screening Current Issues

by Norma Reveler & Hiromi Nema (1996)

Kinseido Ltd., Tokyo

This unique 120-page Japanese EFL reading text explores important social issues through readings and interviews with key figures in the world of cinema. The book's 12 lessons focus on 6 different topics (2 chapters each) with the first lesson an introductory essay and the second an interview. Topics (and people interviewed) include violence in the movies (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Hollywood's domination of the world's movie trade (a French film-maker), ethnic stereotyping in films (a Native American actor), abuse and bullying (director of a movie on abused singer Tina Turner), censorship in the movies (director of a censored film) and the Nanjing massacre (by 2 Chinese women directors who made a documentary on the topic). Each chapter contains pre-reading questions, a 4-page reading passage, comprehension exercises and discussion questions. A cassette is available.

Mosaic II: A Content-Based Writing Book

by L. Blass & M. Pike-Baky (1990)


This 230-page college-level ESL writing text, part of the coordinated language skill Mosaic series, aims to develop language proficiency and writing skills (generating ideas, using rhetorical patterns, revising drafts) through content-based thematic teaching units. Among its 12 chapters (on topics such as art, language learning, medicine, explorers and mysteries) are chapters with reading passages on working in multi-cultural environments (understanding cross-cultural misunderstandings), energy and matter (alternative energy sources such as solar energy), ethical behavior (global issues, social responsibility and working for a better world) and the future (work, alienation and computers). Each 20-page chapter comprises pre-writing photos and stimulus exercises, a 3-page reading text, writing and research tasks, language exercises, writing skill work and rewriting practice.

Japan: Women's Paradise

by Lucy Solo (1994)

MacMillan Language House

This 120-page Japanese college-level English reader looks at women in Japan from an American perspective. The book consists of personal essays by an American woman who describes her experiences married to a Japanese man and comments on the differences between women in Japan and the US. The book's 4 sections comprise 22 essays dealing with gender roles in Japan, working women and Japanese "office ladies", the Japanese housewife, and marriage. Japanese notes are included at the back and a cassette is available separately.

Big Cities of the World

by Teruhiro Ishiguro & Philip Wiliams (1995)

Nan'un-Do Press, Tokyo

This 140-page college-level reading text takes learners on a round-the-globe trip to 31 major world cities. Cities featured include London, Paris, Moscow and Athens (in Europe), Johannesburg and Nairobi (in Africa), New York, Mexico City, Sao Paulo (in the Americas) and Bangkok, New Delhi, Shanghai and Seoul (in Asia). Each chapter includes a photo of the city under study, a 2-page reading passage describing the city, its history and characteristics, Japanese vocabulary notes, comprehension questions and vocabulary exercises. The book also includes a world city map, dialogs for "travel English" and a separate cassette.


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