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December 1995 - Issue No. #21 (p. 16)

Graduate Programs in Global Education

by Jessica Newby-Kawata

If you are considering furthering your education (Master's or PhD) in the field of global education, below is a list of programs with an outline of sample courses offered. This is not a complete list; please let us know of other programs available. Most schools require 2-3 letters of recommendation, undergraduate grade reports, GRE scores and an essay about yourself and your interests in the program. If you're interested in EFL graduate programs, the November 1994 issue of The Language Teacher has a list of courses you can do while in Japan. Most schools listed here require residency. If you are looking for independent study or distance learning courses, I recommend you invest in a copy of Bear's Guide to Earning College Degrees Non-traditionally at PO Box 7070 UE, Berkeley, California 94510, USA.

Teachers College Columbia University Peace Education Program

Box 171 Columbia University,New York, NY 10027 USA
MA or PhD in Peace Education.

Internships and research opportunities available. Courses are taken at Teachers College and at other departments of Columbia University.

Core Courses: Education for Peace, Disarmament & Control of Nuclear Weapons, the UN and Peace Education
Elective Courses: Philosophy of Education, Conflict Resolution, Education & Freedom, Global Justice

George Mason University Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution

Fairfax, Virginia 22030-444 USA
Master of Science (MS), PhD. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution.

Concentrates on the understanding and resolving of conflicts among individuals, groups and nations.

Core Courses: Theories of Conflict & Conflict Resolution, Ethnic & Cultural Factors in Conflict Resolution, Third Party Roles
Elective Courses: Cross-Cultural Analysis of Conflict, Global Contexts of Conflict

Ohio State University Department of Educational Studies

Humanities Education, 249 Arps Hall,1945 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43210-1172 USA
MA, Ph.D. in Social Studies Education.

Students are encouraged to take courses related to their global interests in other departments.
Elective Courses: Global Perspectives in the Curriculum, Multi-Cultural Education in Social Studies, Curriculum & Instruction in Global Economics

University of Denver Center for Teaching International Relations

Graduate School of International Studies,2201 S. Gaylord Street, Denver, Colorado 80208 USA
Master's in Curriculum & Instruction with a Cognate in International Studies.

Students take courses in education and international studies.

Core Courses: Curriculum Development Lab, World Politics for Pre-Collegiate Teachers, Multi-Cultural Foundations of Education

Centre for Global Education, University of York

Heslington, York Y01 500, England, UK

MA in Education Studies focusses on research methods, current educational issues
MA in Applied Education Studies with a focus on law & education, change in education
MA in Educational Reform with a focus on reform in one's own and in other countries
MA by research and diploma courses available.

University of Minnesota, Dept. of Educational Policy and Administration

College of Education, 275 Pelk Hall, 159 Pillsbury Drive SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455-0208 USA
MA, PhD in International Development Education (Educational Policy/Administration).

Interdisciplinary program - students take courses according to their areas of interest.
Core Courses: Comparative Education, International Education & Development

Florida International University Global Awareness Program

University Park, Miami, FL 33199 USA
MS, PhD in Social Studies, MS in Education.

Five concepts are studied: change, conflict, communication, culture and interdependence.
Courses: Developing a Global Perspective, Education in American History, Educational Research Methods


1995 Global Directory of Peace Studies Programs
COPRED, Institute for Conflict Analysis, 4103 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 315, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

Education for Action - Where to go for Graduate Studies that Focus on Social Change
(ISBN 0-935028-57-9)

Food First Books, 145 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA


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