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December 1995 - Issue No. #21 (p.21)

English Language Textbooks Dealing with Global Issues

Publishers are invited to send in sample copies of new books relating to global issues.
Readers interested in writing book reviews should contact the editor.

From English to Englishes

by H. Nishinoh, T. Yamamoto, T. Taguchi (1994)

Eihosha Shuppan, Tokyo

True to its title, this illustrated 150-page college-level EFL listening comprehension text challenges students to go beyond the US-UK mindset to see English as a language for learning about and communicating with peoples around the world. The book's four units focus on language, life and culture in four English-speaking countries - Ghana, Singapore, New Zealand and Ireland. Each unit contains pre-listening questions, vocabulary, listening passages, comprehension and note-taking exercises, and cultural background information in Japanese. After working through the book, students will have a greater interest and understanding of English as an international language, and of life and language in Africa, South-East Asia, the South Pacific and Ireland. A cassette for the text is available separately.

Global Perspectives

by David Peaty (1996)

Kinseido Ltd., Tokyo

This 80-page university-level Japanese EFL reading text aims to help students understand and act on key global issues facing our world. The book's 12 chapters cover topics such as the economy vs the environment, the population explosion, poverty and debt, biodiversity, indigenous peoples, child labour in the Third World, stateless minorities, TV and cultural imperialism, buying for a better world with one chapter even devoted to global education! Each chapter contains a 5-page reading passage, comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises and questions for discussion or composition. A cassette is available separately.

Thinking About the Environment

by Richard Evanoff (1996)

MacMillan Language House, Tokyo

This illustrated 120-page Japanese college EFL reading text, sub-titled "An Introduction to Environmental Ethics", provides students with a comprehensive overview of key environmental issues and concepts. Its 20 chapters are divided into 4 parts: (1) Key Issues (environmental ethics, consumerism, quality of life, models of development); (2) How It All Got Started (origins of the environmental crisis, attitudes towards nature, the birth of modern environmentalism); (3) Working for Change (ecological lifestyles, corporate environmentalism, eco-terrorism); (4) Looking to the Future (the rights of future generations, the population dilemma, the battle for public opinion). Each chapter comprises 4 pages of text with Japanese vocabulary and a "further reading" list at the back of the book.

World Issues

by Richard Young (1996)

MacMillan Language House, Tokyo

This 120-page Japanese college-level English textbook raises students' international awareness through short readings on a wide range of global and environmental issues. The book's 24 chapters cover topics such as endangered species, sustainable lifestyles, indigenous peoples, eco-tourism, oil spills, computers and energy saving, a US ecolympics, child slave labor, fighting poverty in Bangladesh and the spotted owl. Each chapter features a 2-page "eco-essay", Japanese notes, comprehension questions, translation exercises, listening comprehension and words of ecological inspiration. A cassette is available separately.

Small Group Discussion Topics for Korean Students

by Jack Martire (1995)

Pusan National University Press, Pusan Korea

This exciting 180-page Korean global issues EFL text is sub-titled Topics based on political, economic, environmental, and social issues facing Korea and the rest of the world in the 1990s. The book's 55 topics are divided into world issues (AIDS, pollution, the population explosion, the Internet, recycling, violence in society, a globalized world) and Korean issues (Korean reunification, women's rights, the exam hell, the military, the Westernization of Korea). Each chapter includes a reading passage, vocabulary and discussion questions.


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