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March 1995 - Issue No. #18

Resources for learning and teaching about the environment

Environmental Issues: Background Reading

Buzzworm Magazine. 1995 Earth Journal: Environmental Almanac. Boulder, Colorado: Buzzworm Books.

Earthworks. (1990) 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth. San Francisco: Earthworks Press.

Global Tomorrow Coalition (1990) The Global Ecology Handbook. Boston: Beacon Press.

Ponting, C. (1991) A Green History of the World. London: Sinclair-Stevenson.

Seager, J. (1990) The State of the Earth Atlas. New York: Touchstone / Simon & Schuster.

Environmental Education: Background Reading

Greig, S. et al (Eds.) (1987) Earthrights: Education As If the Planet Really Mattered. London: WWF.

Mason, A. (1991) The Green Classroom. Markham, Ontario, Canada: Pembroke Publishers.

van Matre, S. (1990) Earth Education: A New Beginning. Warrenville, US: Institute for Earth Education.

Wilke, R. (1993) Environmental Education. New York: Kraus International.

Environmental Education: Teaching Resources

Bronze et al. (1990) The Blue Peter Green Book. London: BBC. (In Japan, contact GMS Fax: 03-3437-1778)

Creative Activities for Teaching About the Environment. Stockton, CA: Stevens & Shea.

Smith, R. (1994) Strands in the Web: 201 Activities for Teaching Environmental Awareness. Canada: Pippin.

Spaceship Earth: Our Global Environment (video). Los Angeles: Worldlink.

Temple, L. (1993) Dear World: How Children Around the World Feel about our Environment. New York: Random House.

Environmental Education: Organizations (click here for Japanese organizations)

Green Teacher Magazine, 95 Robert Street, Toronto, CANADA M5S 2K5 ($27/year)

WWF Education Dept., Panda House, Weyside Park, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1XR, ENGLAND

English Language Textbooks on Environmental Themes

Cunningham, P. (1992) Our Precious Earth. Tokyo: Seibido. Earthworks. (1990) The Student Environmental Action Guide. Tokyo: Tsurumi Shoten.

Griesbach, A. (1990) Waribashi & Disappearing Rain Forests. Tokyo: Sanyusha.

Knudsen, J. (1991) Save Our Planet. Tokyo: Nan-un-do.

Lander, J. (1992) Another Green World. Tokyo: Kinseido.

Martin. S. (1991) Tropical Rainforests. London: MacMillan.

Okajima, S. & Hartley, S. (1993) Green Issues. Tokyo: Kirihara Shoten.

Peaty, D. (1995) Environmental Issues. Tokyo: MacMillan.

Rabley, S. (1990) The Green World. London: Macmillan.

Sargent, D. (1991) Heal the Earth. Dawn Press, PO Box 3, Ouda-cho Uda-gun, Nara 633-21, Japan.

Stempleski, S. (1994) Earthwatch (video & text). New Jersey: Regents / Prentice Hall.

Stempleski, S. (1993) Focus on the Environment (video & text). New Jersey: Regents / Prentice Hall.

Environmental Education in Language Teaching (books / articles)

Brown, D. (1991 Aug.) 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Teach Environmental Awareness and Action in Your English Language Classroom. The Language Teacher, 15 (8).

Friel, M. (1991) Developing Environmental Awareness in Engineering Students. English Language Forum, 29 (3).

Gambee, H. Integrating Environmental Awareness in the ESL Classroom. TESOL Matters, 25 (5).

Jacobs, G. (1993 Oct.) Integrating Environmental Education in Second Language Instruction. RELC Occasional Papers, 46. Singapore: RELC Regional Language Centre.

Lopez, A. (1993 Oct.) Producing an Ecology-based Textbook. English Language Teaching Forum, 31 (4).

Language Educators Involved With Environmental Education (a small selection!)

Stewart Hartley, P.O. Box 934, La Cavada, Riotuerto 39720, Cantabria SPAIN

Johnathan Holliman, JACSES, 801 Shibuya Mansion, 7-1 Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150 JAPAN

Richard Klecan, Miyagi Gakuin, 9-1-1 Sakuragaoka, Aoba-ku, Sendai 981 JAPAN

Ron Murphy, View Heights Camelia 201, 4-1-8 Iwaidani, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 790 JAPAN

David Peaty, 6-5 Sakuradai 4-chome, Minami Tsutsujigaoka, Kameoka-shi, Kyoto 621 JAPAN

Kevin Staff, #109 Kikko Heights, 1-75 Okayamate-cho, Hirakata-shi, Osaka 573 JAPAN

Atsuko Ushimaru, Obirin University, 3758 Tokiwa-machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-02 JAPAN

George Jacobs, RELC, Regional Language Centre, 30 Orange Grove Rd., Singapore 1025 SINGAPORE

Francisco Gomes de Matos, Rua Setubal 860-B ap. 604, Boa Viagem 510-23 Recife BRASIL


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