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Summer 1994 - Issue No. #15
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This issue features a wide variety of news and information on global themes: articles on peace education through poetry and global issues through radio, conference reports from the US and Thailand, contributions from teachers in Poland and Korea and a report on global issue organizations worldwide. Please let us know of any global ed-related summer plans you have. Otherwise, we hope this issue encourages you with your teaching and look forward to receiving your comments, news or articles for printing in a future newsletter.

Contents #15

  • Global education news from language teaching organizations

  • Articles on global education themes from language teaching journals

  • Conference Report: TESOL'94 (March 8-12 in Baltimore, USA)

  • Conference Report: Thai TESOL'94 (January 13-15 in Bangkok, Thailand)

  • Revised guidelines: Environmentally-friendly Actions to Encourage

  • Global Issues and Poetry in the Language Class by Nick Owen

  • Keeping Current on Global Issues by Charles McHugh

  • Language Teaching and Global Education in Poland by Danuta Wisniewska

  • A Japan-Northern Ireland EFL E-Mail Exchange by Akio Kido

  • Special Reports: Global Issues at the YMCA & Collective Consciousness in Korea

  • Teacher Role Play to Attack Prejudice by Mario Rinvolucri

  • Who's Doing What

  • Vietnam: Breaking the Poverty Cycle by Tim Newfields

  • Directories of Global Issue Groups Worldwide

  • New language teaching textbooks dealing with global issues

  • Global education materials available from the Global Issues Network


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