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Spring 1994 - Issue No. #14
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This newsletter issue, our first of the year, is packed with information and resources on global education. Key topics are the teaching of women's issues and teaching about the environment - themes in line with International Women's Day (March 8) and Earth Day (April 22). We hope this issue helps you add a global perspective to your language teaching for 1994!

Contents #14

  • Global education news from language teaching organizations

  • Articles on global education themes from language teaching journals

  • Global issue presentations from the JALT '93 conference (Part II)

  • Teaching about Women's Issues

  • English Conversation Class Helps World Development by Alexandra Schwab

  • Global Issues as Project Work by Margaret Oertig

  • Putting On a Hunger Banquet by Jamie Haglund

  • Communication in English Class by Yumiko Kiguchi

  • Special Reports: Peace Education and African Development

  • Resource & Information Sharing Section

  • Integrating Environmental Awareness in ESL by Heidi Gambee & Jeffrey Klausman

  • Environmental Friendly Classroom by Sandy Buffet

  • Directories of Global Issue Groups in Japan

  • Book Corner: New books on global education & language teaching

  • New language teaching textbooks dealing with global issues

  • Global education materials available from the Global Issues Network


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