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December 1993 - Issue No. #13
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For language teachers involved in global education, 1993 has been a busy year of "teaching for a better world". A look at any newspaper shows that our global village is challenged by problems of war, poverty, discrimination, AIDS and environmental destruction. Yet, around the globe, more and more language teachers are working to empower their students with the knowledge, skills and commitment needed by world citizens to solve these problems. The Israeli-Palestinian and UK-IRA peace initiatives show that progress is possible - all that's required is hard work, dedication and a vision of how things might be. This winter, I'll be in California for a family Xmas then off to Bangkok to speak about global education at Thai TESOL. To all of you, best wishes for a good holiday and a great 1994!!

Contents #13

  • Global education news from language teaching organizations

  • Articles on global education themes from language teaching journals

  • 1993 global issue presentations at regional JALT chapters

  • Cross Cultural Understanding and Peace by Scott Berlin (Korea TESOL)

  • Global education presentations at JALT'93 (Part I)

  • Change That Attitude by Jim Jarvis

  • "Global Issues in English Textbooks Around the World" series: Vietnam

  • Some Uneasy Questions About Global Issues by Rudolf Reinelt

  • Global education and language teaching at LIOJ

  • Who's Doing What? - Members' networking section

  • People's History - An ESL/History Bridge Class by Elaine Brooks & Len Fox

  • Book Review: Internationalizing Your School by Greg O'Dowd

  • 1994 global calendars and almanacs

  • New language teaching textbooks dealing with global issues

  • Global education materials available from the Global Issues Network


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