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September 1993 - Issue No. #12

September heralds the start of the fall semester and new courses to teach. For foreign language instructors involved in global education, such courses present an opportunity to help their students improve their language proficiency while giving them the chance to learn about the world and contribute to solving its problems. This issue of the Global Issues Newsletter, packed with conference reports, teaching ideas and book reviews, has been put together to help with this task. Happy reading and good luck with your fall teaching!

Contents #12

  • Articles on global education themes from language teaching journals

  • Preview: global education presentations at JALT'93 Conference (Omiya, Japan)

  • Proposed charter: Suggested Environmental Actions for Language Teachers

  • Conference Report: 1993 TESOL Conference (Atlanta, USA)

  • Conflict Resolution and TESOL Day at the Carter Presidential Center

  • Teaching Peace Education by Robert Sears

  • Organization Profile: Women in TEFL

  • Earth-Friendly English Lessons

  • International Education by Lorraine Miller-Nara

  • Book Reviews: The Green Classroom and Managing Planet Earth

  • New language teaching textbooks dealing with global issues

  • Global education materials available from the Global Issues Network


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