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May 1992 - Issue No. #08

Global Education in Canada

By Kip Cates

Canadian International College

2420 Dollarton Highway, N. Vancouver British Columbia V7H 2Y1 CANADA

Canadian International College (CIC), established in 1988 with campuses in Nelson and Vancouver, BC, is a unique English-medium residential college for students from Japan. Founded as a joint venture between Japanese and Canadians, educators and business interests, EFL teachers and global education experts, it offers both a two-year certificate and a four-year diploma program.

CIC is committed to nurturing a global perspective though a learning environment designed to promote independence of spirit, understanding of other peoples and cultures, and a sense of world community.

Unique features of CIC's program include:

  • EFL through a content-teaching approach

  • Core courses on culture and global issues

  • majors in International Business, Multiculturalism and Environmental Studies

  • community service volunteering with environmental groups such as Greenpeace, handicapped centres or youth groups

  • a 3-week stay in a developing country

For more information, check the article by Lorraine Fairhall in Cross Currents 18 (Winter 1991) or write to:

BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education

RR #1 Site 17 Gabriola, BC V0R 1X0 CANADA

BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education (PAGE) is a special interest group of the BC Teachers Federation. It works to promote, encourage and improve peace and global education throughout BC, with a focus on teaching students critical thinking, commitment to peace, justice and social responsibility, nonviolent conflict resolution and democratic participation. PAGE promotes global education curriculum development and provides practical ideas for classroom implementation of global and peace education. Annual membership is $20 and includes a newsletter and journal.

British Columbia Global Education Project

2235 Burrard Street., Vancouver, BC V6J 3H9 CANADA

The British Columbia Global Education Project (Coordinator: Patrick Clarke) is a joint project established by the BC Teacher's Federation, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and other organizations. It aims to provide teaching resources and professional development to help teachers explore global issues and impart a global perspective throughout the school system: at both elementary and secondary levels and in both arts and sciences. The project publishes teaching materials and is eager to collect ideas/lessons and make contacts with other groups.

Green Teacher

95 Robert St. Toronto M5S 2K5 CANADA Fax: 416-925-3474

Green Teacher magazine comes in two editions — the original UK edition and a new Canadian edition, begun in Feb. 1991 and published in Toronto. Issue 27 (Feb./Mar 1992) reveals a wide variety of global topics:

  • an environmental attitude survey for kids

  • an article on education for the 21st century

  • a 1-year plan for "greening" your school

  • an article on classroom democracy

  • a review of environmental education magazines

  • a special report on summer institutes

  • an Amnesty Alert for letter writing to free teachers imprisoned illegally worldwide

  • book reviews and teaching resources

Green Teacher is published 5 times a year at $27 per annual subscription (more overseas?) and is highly recommended!


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