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May 1992 - Issue No. #08

English Language Textbooks Dealing with Global Issues

Publishers are invited to send in sample copies of new books relating to global issues.
Readers interested in writing book reviews should contact the editor.

The World from Japan

Yumi Press, Tokyo

by Bobbie McLean (1989)

College reader for Japanese EFL students featuring a variety of essays, including the Nobel Prize, the UN, American social problems, and human rights. Includes true/false questions and Japanese notes.

Only One Earth

Nan'Undo, Tokyo

by War / Dubos (1973 / 1992)

College reader with Japanese notes of the key ecology classic which was published to coincide with the 1972 UN Conference on the Environment. Covers pollution, the biosphere, survival strategies.

66 Ways to Save the Earth

Nan'Undo, Tokyo

by Vallely (1991)

This EFL reader presents 66 practical ides for environmentally-friendly living, broken down into eight sections covering food, energy, garbage, home life, health, shopping, transportation and wildlife. Suggestions range from solar power and over packaging to buying ivory and rejecting junk mail. Japanese notes on each page.

Japan Goes International

Sebido, Tokyo

by Hasebagawa / Akiyama (1991)

This video EFL course provides pre-view exercises, viewing tasks, post-viewing questions/dictation and discussion topics for twenty themes centering around the "internationalization" of Japanese society. Topics include foreign families in Japan, satellite broadcasting, Western celebrities, TV commercials, and learning Japanese.

Tropical Rain forests

MacMillan, London

by Martin (1991)

Upper intermediate extensive reader with English glossary and short comprehension questions. Six chapters look at topics such as rainforest ecology, indigenous peoples, and how we can save the forests.

The Olympic Games

MacMillan, London

by Rabley (1991)

This new addition to the "Dossier" series looks at various aspects of the Olympics, including its history, events and profiles of famous Olympic winners. Also covered are the disabled Olympics, Olympic issues (politics, money, and drugs) and debates about whether the Olympics foster negative competition or narrow nationalism.

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