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May 1991 - Issue No. #05

English Language Textbooks Dealing with Global Issues

Our Planet in Danger

by Macdonald, Yamamura & Takei (1990)

MacMillan Language House, Tokyo
College reader for Japanese EFL students featuring short readings and exercises on such global issues as global warming, acid rain, water pollution and energy.

Our World

by David Peaty (1990)

Eichosa & Longman, Tokyo
Four skills intermediate EFL text using photos, data, and readings to teach topics such as refugees, world poverty, endangered species, and nuclear power. Includes some exercises on critical reading.

The Greenpeace Effect

Patrick Hurley (1991)

MacMillan, London
Upper-intermediate EFL reader about the environmental group Greenpeace. Includes a history of the group and basic facts showing how it tackles worldwide issues of toxic waste, Antarctic preservation and nuclear testing, and isn't just an anti-Japan-whaling group.

International Issues

by Mike Potter (1991)

MacMillan, London
EFL course for upper-intermediate level consisting of student's book, teacher's book, resource book and cassettes. Uses photos, cartoons, maps and illustrations to introduce world issues such as the state of the environment, people who care (Mother Teresa), North-South inequality and natural disasters.

The Healthy English Book

by Bert McBean (1991)

Mountainside Press, Oita
This privately published content-based textbook aims at increasing the health awareness of Japanese students while providing them with English conversation practice. The text uses readings, dialogs, role-plays, and other activities to teach health topics including cigarette and passive smoking, alcohol consumption, stress and diet. Order from: Mountainside Press, 317-2 Akioka, Oita 870-11, Japan Tel: (0975) 42-3525


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