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How to Join the JALT Global Issues SIG

JALT members may join as many SIGs as they wish at a cost of 1,500 yen each per year. JALT members who already belong to one or more SIGs are welcome to join the Global Issues SIG as well.

This can be done by using the yubin furikae postal transfer form inserted at the back of each issue of JALT's monthly magazine The Language Teacher. Just fill out this form and take it to the nearest post office with your payment. Once this is received by the JALT Central Office, your application will be processed and your name added to the Global Issues SIG membership list.

You can also join our SIG by signing up at local or national JALT events. To maintain SIG privileges, please renew your SIG memberships when you renew your JALT membership.

For further details, go to the following website or contact the JALT Central Office.

JALT Membership Website:


JALT Central Office, Urban Edge Building 5th Floor 1-37-9 Taito Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-1106 Japan
Tel: 03-3837-1630
Fax: 03-3837-1631

JALT Homepage:

Newsletter subscriptions for non-JALT members

All interested teachers and institutions are welcome to subscribe to our quarterly Global Issues in Language Education Newsletter.

Annual subscriptions are:

To pay in Japanese yen, send a teigaku kogawase postal check (leave blank, do not fill in) from any post office to the address below.

To pay in US dollars or UK pounds, send a check for $15 or 10 pounds made out to "Kip Cates" on a US or UK bank to the address below..

Newsletter subscriptions are available for both Japan and overseas at the prices above. We welcome overseas subscribers and are happy to send our newsletter anywhere in the world..

Please ask about newsletter exchanges or complimentary subscriptions for global organizations, language teaching associations and teachers in developing countries..

Send all newsletter inquiries or subscription fees to:

Kip A. Cates, Tottori University, Koyama, Tottori City, JAPAN 680-8551
E-mail: Work Tel/Fax: 0857-31-5650
Website: Newsletter:

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