Japan Events

Peace as a Global Language I

October 21, 2018 at Josai University (Saitama)

< https://sites.google.com/view/pgl2018 >

Peace as a Global Language (PGL) will hold a 1-day conference on October 21 (Sunday) at Josai University (near Tokyo). The conference theme is Indigenous Peoples Moving Forward in a Globalizing World. The conference aims to bring together peace educators, social activists, lang- uage teachers and students to meet representatives of indigenous peoples ranging from Ainu and Maori to Canadian First Nations. For details, see the site above.

Peace as a Global Language II

November 11, 2018 at Kobe Gakuin University

Richard Miller <rdtin@yahoo.com>

Peace as a Global Language (PGL) will hold a second conference on Nov. 11 (Sunday) at Kobe Gakuin University. The conference theme is Building Peace through Democracy and Understanding. This event marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The conference will include a plenary talk, a symposium with African diplomats and poster sessions. To submit a poster, send an abstract to <kansaipgl@gmail.com> by the October 21st deadline.

The 44th annual International Conference of the Japan Association for Language Teachers will be held from November 23–26 in Shizuoka on the theme Diversity and Inclusion

Plenary speakers will include:
§ Diane Larsen-Freeman (
Including All Students)
§ Momoko Nakamura (
Gender and Translation)
§ Lindsay Clanfield (
Diversity in ELT Materials)
§ Judith O’Laughlin (
Foster Learner Resilience)

This year’s featured speakers are:
§ Joseph Shaules (
Interculture in Lg Classrooms)
§ Sandra McKay (
Diversity in ELT Texts)
§ Louise Haynes (
Songs of Social Significance)
§ Dat Bao (
Visual Images for the L2 Classroom)
§ Justin Harris (
Task Based Language Teaching)
§ John Hughes (
Critical Thinking in Class)

“To everything there is a season.” And a reason. Now is the season for inclusion, to embrace the incredible diversity within our profession. Although there seems to be much diversion, division, and exclusion in the wider world, the time is now ripe for us to look at the diversity within our practices and ask, “How can we be more inclusive?” In order to support inclusion and create a more level playing field for our students, we need to better understand the evolving language learning and teaching landscape, become aware of the work that is being done in new areas and heed the call from our learners, teachers, and institutions to play our parts in a brighter future.

JALT2018 will provide a platform for new ideas and hitherto unheard voices to be heard. It will provide avenues to open up our classrooms and challenge existing ideas about what we language teachers and our learners need in order to usher in an era of change. We aim to address the concerns of teachers, learners, and leaders and show how “inclusion” provides a place from which multiplicity of thought and action can flourish.


The annual Pan SIG (Speical Interest Group) conference will take place from May 18th to 19th at Konan University in Nishinomiya, Hyogo.

Our Global Issues SIG will join with other JALT Special Interest Groups to host this exciting 2-day event. Plan to attend! Full details at the website above.