• Seager, J. (2003) The Penguin Atlas of Women in the World. US/UK: Penguin Books. $20
    • A recent, comprehensive, up-to-date visual atlas on the status of women worldwide (see pg. 22).

  • Neft, N. (1997) Where Women Stand. USA: Random House. $20
    • Report on the status of women in 140 countries.

  • Ashby, R. (1995) Herstory: Women Who Changed the World. New York: Viking. $25
    • Profiles of 120 women from ancient history (Hatshepsut) to modern times (Billy Jean King).

  • Felder, D. (2001) The 100 Most Influential Women of All Time. USA: Citadel. $16
    • A ranked list of 100 influential women in history.

  • Rolka, G. (1994) 100 Women Who Shaped World History. USA: Bluebook. $8
    • A book about 100 important women with short 1-page profiles of each. Good for EFL students!

  • Dungworth, R. (1996) The Usborne Book of Famous Women. UK/US: Usborne. $9
    • A colorful reader of women leaders, scientists, explorers and celebrities. Good for EFL students!

  • D’Aluisio, F. (1996) Women in the Material World. USA: Sierra Club. $22
    • Fascinating book of photos and information about women from cultures around the world.

  • Ajmera, M. (1995) Extraordinary Girls. US: Charlesbridge. $8
    • Colorful photo book about girls around the world.


Women’s Studies / Women’s Issues

These 3 websites provide links to women’s issues.

Famous Women in the Past and Present

Profiles of famous women in history and today.

International Women’s Day

Information about International Women’s Day.

United Nations / NOW

Websites of the UN and National Organization of Women.

Women and Education

Websites about women, education and schooling.


Celebrate Women’s History ($25)
(order from

12 posters of famous women such as Rachel Carson, Anne Frank, Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, Harriet.


Student Research Project - FAMOUS WOMEN

(a) One famous woman: Choose one of the following women, research her life and achievements, then prepare a written report or oral presentation about her.

(b) Two famous women: Choose two of the following women (one you know and one you’ve never heard of), research their lives and achievements, then prepare a report on them.

Jane Addams Mary Curie Hypatia
Simone de Beauvoir Audrey Hepburn Chiaki Mukai
Hatshepsut Mother Teresa George Sand
Maria Montessori Eleanor Roosevelt Gladys Aylward
Anita Roddick Cory Aquino Amelia Earhart
Susan Anthony Princess Diana Joan of Arc
Florence Nightingale Margaret Sanger Pearl Buck
Gertrude Ederle Rosa Luxemburg Sadako Ogata
Freya Stark Rachel Carson Dian Fossey
Margaret Mead Emmeline Pankhurst Junko Tabei
Nien Cheng Anne Frank Rigoberta Menchu
Rosa Parks Valentina Tereshkova