Welcome to the website of the Global Issues in Language Education Special Interest Group (GILE SIG) of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT). Our group works to promote global awareness, international understanding, social responsibility and action to solve world problems through content-based language teaching drawing on fields such as global education, peace education, environmental education and human rights education.

 Our GILE SIG produces a dynamic quarterly newsletter, organizes presentations for local, national and international conferences, and maintains contacts with organizations ranging from UNESCO and Amnesty International to Educators for Social Responsibility. Join us in teaching for a better world!

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Autumn and eary winter events, including Peace as a Global Language call for proposals

Also see here for PGL CALL FOR PROPOSALS! Deadline is October 13

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Teaching about Gemstones in the EFL Classroom

Global Literacies

UN MIllenium Development Goals

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